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Updated 8/1/2015

The most difficult obstacle to resolving knee pain and receiving a knee replacement is finding good, unbiased information.  The purpose of Knees for You is to help patients better understand their treatment options. Doctors sometimes tend to be too busy to take time to explain things in depth and clearly.  Sometimes there are other alternatives which some doctors don’t believe in or don’t know about, yet could be the perfect solution to your problem. That is the purpose of Knees for You, helping the perspective patient understand total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and knee treatments.

I had a hip resurfacing in 2006.  Many doctors at the time did not know about hip resurfacing and many did not want to train to learn the difficult surgery, so the way I learned about hip resurfacing was thru the internet and discussion groups. There are often new approaches to solving problems that some doctors have not been trained in or have chosen not to accept – that does not mean it is not right for your problem. Therefore, I started the Knees for You Knee Replacement Guide to help give you information about many aspects of knee replacement. Having good information will help you decide what you think is the right solution to your problem. It will help you understand what your doctor is suggesting.

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